The Walking Dead Season 10, American TV shows List 2020

Are you a walking dead fan? Well, I am a die-hard fan of this amazing series and it is not surprising that we have begun the tenth chapter of “The Walking Dead”. This a thrilling series composed of a full zombie apocalypse that began with Rick Grimes waking up alone in a hospital way back in 2010. We have seen for ages that survivors are making a very small process in building up a safe place to live which is constantly threatened by sick and bad people out there. Even the ocean is not a safe place to live it also has human threats all over. The Walking Dead Season 10 has begun with tons of questions in mind: will the survivors suffer the same scene again? Does it actually cross the line just like the Episode 1 storyline says? Can’t say anything because even you know that they will be having suspense and thrill over each road turn.

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The Walking Dead Season 10

As you might be late in reading this but The Walking Dead season 10 has already gone live on 6th October 2019 and guess half of the season is planned to be premiered by February 23, 2020. So let’s get deep into season 10, episode 1 and have some insights before watching the season.

As seen from the trailer things kicked off with a satellite crashing at the sunny side of beach i.e oceanside, which result in a forest fire that forced people to cross the whisperer territory. Guess what it was the Michonne who plans to send fire-extinguish crews to stop forest fire and find any casualties.

The Walking Dead Season 10

Here the Training begins

This new beginning of the season begins with “Training day” i.e it is featuring Aaron and michonne leading a team of hunters across the beach to practice killing which can be used to kill any zombie on their way.

Months after stormy winds, made the community cross the line over. It was of great shock when Aaron shouts at his maximum “Halt Archers !!!”. People got under the shadow of alpha and were terrified when the kids out there find a skin mask on the beach. This scene builds up a lot of debate among the leaders what to do i.e stay low or get their arms ready. Aaron was on his racon mission had an amazing tough moment where he knocked down 3 walkers single-handedly and said a funny line “I’m goddamn sick of being nice”.

Releasing Date :- Sunday, Feb 23, 9:00 pm

When looking at the part of carol and Daryl then it looks like they were wondering on their own out of the limelight. Since the storm, Carol stayed away from everyone and spend time fishing in a boat but she was happy to buddy Daryl and their planning to go and play date fun where the story took a turn for them as the deer they were hunting crosses the Whisper line. Alpha was watching carol and soon or later she had identified the surveillance.

As the fear started growing across the oceanside and Alexandria had found the whisperer mask in the seashell which crossed millions of reactions both online as well to the storyline. To ensure safety Alexandria got to Negan to find a solution to rise while Negan was having garden time giving Gabriel some life tip to build confidence in people.

Did you miss the romance?

As we said this time it’s something new so here we have an amazing romantic scene building up between Luke and Jules and our favorite Daryl and the deaf girl which started with a note. So don’t miss this small romance bud that adds a new flavor to the story mode.

There is a lot more scene that keeps on building reaction in the story and it all begins with the tin box hitting the ground and catching up fore in the jungle which forces the survivors to jump into the alpha land to stop the scary fire.

We know we might have missed that small thrill and adventure which can only be felt imagined by having a look at the new and amazing The Walking Dead Season 10 Episode 1. Grap your device and watch this “Line We Cross” and don’t forget to drop your comments on the episode excitement level and the best scene from the episode which you loved the most.