money heist season 5 release date
money heist season 5 release date

Ahh! We love binge-watching. Especially during this lockdown period, we all binged all sorts of shows, series, movies, and whatnot. This period gave us the time to evaluate what’s going on around us and ensured we took some rest. In this boredom, OTT platforms played a huge role. Irrespective of the language and genre, we watched various shows. Be it including a star cast, or new ones. But what all matters is the performance and how well was the content. Adding to this there are many other things that point to the background score, VFX, action, and above all the music. money heist season 5 release date

Money Heist Season 5 Release Date

Coming to this year or evaluating last year’s release. We can easily pick some of the best movies and web series. These are “Scam 1992”, “Special Oops”, “Aarya”, “Hostages”, “Upload”, “Defending Jacob”, “Money Heist”, “Unorthodox”, “Little Fires Everywhere”, “Gente-Fied.” Well, these were some of the best shows which you won’t regret watching. Talking about Hollywood, the above said to belong to the top 5 international shows. Especially, money heist was the love of everyone. Oops! “is the.” 

Money heist (brief intro.)

It is the longest driven show with 4 seasons, making a mark of its own through its own set of intense characters, music, content, and above all become the top-notch of people watching across the globe. It belongs to the genre of drama and thriller. It created a huge tension as the season and characterization grew among the audience. We all knew, one fine day it will develop a huge stardom of fans which also includes famous footballers.

Interesting Facts:

 But what we didn’t know is that these sports personalities get so indulged and keen, that they also make their debut performance through this. Now, you know about whom I’m pointing to. Spots star Neymar made a cameo appearance in the third season of this. Well, this is hard to believe but we have to. I know, but what can be done as this shows pulls all of us out to the corner of the sofa and get thrilled by the suspense.

 But, still, some people are so rigid that, they didn’t watch this show. Thinking about what to watch a Spanish show and all other stuff. But believe me, even I was into this stereotypical thinking, but just one episode made me binged all the 4 seasons released till now. Even if you won’t agree to this, it seems unlucky they are. Honestly, you have missed viewing one of the brilliant shows whichever made. So, to prove their rigidity wrong. Here’s discussing major reasons to watch Money Heist Season 5 Release Date

Top 5 reasons to watch Money Heist:

  • Acting: This is the main essence, which adds life into a dead character. The level of acting they all did, is just “wow.” It was splendid, to see the fresh breath and their fine acting skills. In short, it will blow your minds, by making us fall for them over again and again.
  • Story: We must all appreciate the ones who put their efforts into character development, story, screenplay. As these were the hands that made this entire show run globally.
  • Suspense: There is no short of suspense in each episode of each season of “La Casa De Papel.” The breath-taking scenes twisted with each episode and thickened the plot. It was so enthralling that as said above it will bring you to sit on the edge of the couch and you will even forget to eat popcorn.
  • Addictive: It will numb your brain, and will make you watch just the entire show without a skip. It would be great to view if you want to kill your boredom. Adding to this, if you like criminal, suspense, and hostage types of web series and movies, then my recommendation is to watch this if you haven’t. 

I’m sure that you will surely take my piece of free advice and chill with your partner by watching this if you haven’t yet. So, what are you waiting for? Just go for it blindly. You won’t regret I assure you. Already there are 4 seasons which are out on Netflix. It will take quite a long time for you guys. And those who have ended watching season 4, it would be difficult for them to wait for season 5. Since season 4 created a bloodshed environment and sensation. It increased the level of eagerness to watch season 5. 

Updates on Season 5:

And all thanks to Netflix again. On July 31st, Netflix released Money heist will be back again for its season finale, season 5. Now, it’s great news for the heist followers and spoilers. It took its sweet time to absorb all the success and notoriety. And came back to execute its plans by resuming production on August 3rd. Here, the season finale will be shot mainly in Spain, Denmark, Portugal and will consist of 10 episodes. 

If we check the pattern between the release of seasons 3 and 4, we can hope that it can approximately take nine months for season 5. Implying to get released by the end of this year 2021. According to the sources, the cast is now shooting in Madrid. And to this response the creator of the show Alex Pina shared that some new characters will be introduced alongside the old ones. Adding to this he also said that season 5 will be released after September 2021 and not before that. Now, fans can get relaxed and chill. We know, it is disappointing to fact that it is the season finale. But we have to accept the fact that some other day it has to end. Mr. Alex also said they tried their best to do justice and be fair to the characters. 


And, till the release of Season 5 the grand finale what we all need to do is just wait and wait. I know, it’s difficult to do so but what else can we do, rather than wait. Binge watch some other shows and series mentioned above. This follows the situation of “calm before the storm arrives.” So just be patient and wait till the time arrives. And if you are among those percentage of people who haven’t yet watched, then please go and watch. Because you will cover the gap by viewing all these 4 seasons acting as a bridge. Nevertheless, here’s a quiet update on when will season 5 of Money heist will release and fall in love again with the professor.