The 100 Season 7 all episodes

Hello Guys, today in this article, I am going to share the information about the amazing TV series. I am talking about the most popular TV Series named The 100 (TV series). The 100 season 7 is the last season of this TV series so everyone is excited about it. Season 7 is having a lot of amazing adventure and action which everyone wants to watch.

The 100 (TV series) is an American sci-fi drama TV series that is developed by Jason Rothenberg. It was first premiered on Mar 19, 2014. It is based on Novel Kass Morgon. Here, are the quick review of all the episodes of season 7.

The 100 Season 7 Episode 1(From the Ashes)

Source: The CW

The 100 returns for its final season with yet another paradigm shift. It setting up stories that promise to top the impressive sixth season.

The 100 are back, for the last time, making it look like an even better season than last year’s seasons. The start of a new season on this show generally means watching with the remote control. In hand to rewind and capture every little hint and expository detail of any new paradigm that exists. This season has a lot to accomplish and saying goodbye is notoriously difficult. But if this episode (and the other three critics could see) is any indication, we are in excellent hands.

While we’re technically not in a new world for this premiere, it sure feels that way. In Sanctum, the convicts and the rest of the Grounders are awake. Adding people and tension to the already delicate balance of a Sanctum with almost no Primes. Meanwhile, Octavia disappeared into the Anomaly. And Bellamy was carried away by invisible forces, leaving Echo, Hope. Gabriel working together if they want to save the Blakes and understand the wonders of the Anomaly.

This is an interesting threesome for an adventure, but I’m here for it. It keeps characters that otherwise would have little to do tied to what seems like a fascinating story. We already have some kind of ghost or glitch of Octavia popping up to see Hope. (is this the toxin or the misbehavior? What a show!) Meanwhile, Echo is fighting for his family in Bellamy and reliving the worst things. He thinks about herself, thanks to King Roan and the true Echo, her childhood friend.

The 100 Season 7 Episode 1 Release Date:

The episode 1 of this season was released on 20 May 2020.

100 Season 7 Episode 2(The Garden)

Source : The CW

“The Garden” flies back and forth through time to introduce us to the world beyond the Anomaly. By extension, to properly reintroduce us to Hope and Anomaly, now known as the bridge. Literally, it’s a magical television hour that stands out as one of the best episodes in the series.

Drawing on Diyoza and Octavia’s well-earned arcs of redemption and their extremely close bond. This episode asks the question “What makes a family?” and “what kind of life would be enough?” Much of the wonder of this episode belongs to Marie Avgeropoulos and Ivana Miličević. Both have credibly brought their characters from beyond the brink and engage in heartbreaking. Their love conflict here without losing any of the humor that has done Octavia and Diyoza can survive everything.

Release Date: The episode 1 of this season was released on 27 May 2020.

The 100 Season 7 Episode 3(False Gods)

This episode did an important job, as it started shading with some color when it comes to the various factions around Sanctum. The convicts developed from an anonymous mass to people with a history that at least we do not want to see led to the massacre in the space of only two episodes. Even the couple we met during the open cold felt fully conscious as we watched their fate. Bringing characters we already know into conflict, even peripherally, like Delilah’s parents, was also a smart move.

After spending a season or more criticizing Clarke for his moral flaws, Raven finally figured out what it felt like to be responsible when faced with an impossible decision, and didn’t seem to enjoy it. Like several of Clarke’s choices, Raven actually had more options than she thought. She called Murphy Emori’s moral compass (not seasonal!), But Emori could have been her, as she offered the logical and humane option of telling the workers they were doomed. Like Clarke, knowing that she did something wrong turned her into a sullen glutton for punishment, which is probably why she got spanked by Nix without complaint. It will be interesting to see how this experience changes Raven’s vision of Clarke and Murphy and Emori’s opinion of Raven.

The 100 Season 7th Episode 3 Release Date:

The episode 1 of this season was released on 03 June 2020.

The 100 Seasons 7 Episode 4(Hesperides)

Source: The CW

Sadly, this will be the last outing for The 100. CW President Mark Pedowitz confirmed during the 2019 TCA Summer Press Tour appearance that The 100 Season 7 will be the show’s last season, although it may live in a series of prequels.

As a mid-season premiere, The 100 was one of the lucky shows that production wrapped up before the success of COVID-19, so we’ll have a full season of the science fiction drama. Production in Season 7 started again in August and ended in March, so the entire season should be ready, unlike other CW productions that had to close production before the season ended.

Some of the important things we learn: Those Daft Punk wannabes can control the Anomaly, they want to capture Echo and Gabriel and take them to Bardo, but they have orders to kill Hope on the spot. They have incredibly advanced technology to make themselves invisible, and their tattoos match Hope’s and the marks he has on a piece of paper that also says “Trust Bellamy.” Both Hope and Octavia (if you see the end of last season’s finale again) seem to have their memories coming and going and at some points they recognize each other.

The 100 Seasons 7 Episode 4 Release Date:

The episode 1 of this season will be released on 10 June 2020.

Season 7 Episode 5(Make Believe)

100 years into the longer term, when Earth has been abandoned thanks to radioactivity, the last surviving humans sleep in an ark that orbits the earth, but the ark won’t last forever. So the repressive regime chooses 100 expendable juvenile delinquents to send them to Earth to see if the planet is still habitable. This is the most exciting episode which everyone is waiting for.

7 Episode 5 Release Date:

This episode will be released on 17 June 2020.

The 100 TV Series Cast:

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