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In Marvel’s Midnight Suns, your responsibilities as the Hunter extend beyond just thwarting the mother of Demons. Upon completing missions, you’ll have the opportunity to socialize with the characters you’ve enlisted at the Abbey. Engage in various activities to deepen your connections and enhance the strength of your heroes. Marvel Midnight Suns Release Date. 

Marvel Midnight Suns Release Date

Marvel Midnight Suns Release Date

Spending time together is crucial for fostering friendships with your team of heroes, so it’s important to choose activities they enjoy during Hangouts whenever feasible. In the following section, we’ll delve into all the details about Hangouts, including each character’s preferences for activities they love, enjoy, or prefer to avoid.

Basic Hangouts Guide

Hangouts provide opportunities to engage in diverse activities with the Midnight Suns heroes, nurturing your bond with them when you opt for activities they enjoy. By selecting favorable Hangouts, you’ll earn different amounts of Friendship XP, as outlined in the following breakdown.

Loved Hangouts: +7 Friendship XP

Liked Hangouts: +5 Friendship XP

Disliked Hangouts: +0 Friendship XP

Opting for suitable Hangouts significantly reduces the duration required to maximize your Friendship level with a specific character, accelerating your access to their bonuses. Moreover, successful Hangouts yield various items such as currency, attire, and enhancements to the chosen hero’s statistics.

When selecting a Hangout, you’ll encounter three choices from the pool of 12 available options, requiring you to maximize the available choices. Occasionally, heroes might already be engaged in activities within the Abbey’s common room, such as playing video games. In such cases, you can choose to join them, initiating the Hangout.

Tip: The selection of heroes available for a nighttime Hangout is randomized, although a particular hero is more inclined to appear if you include them on a mission.

Note: While engaged in a Hangout, selecting dialogue options that resonate with the hero can result in earning extra Friendship XP. Conversely, it’s important to note that choosing options they disagree with can have the opposite effect.

How to Get Credit?

  • Side Missions: – The optimal method for accruing Credits involves undertaking side missions, which often grant them as rewards. These missions remain available even after finishing the main story quests, allowing for unlimited attempts and the chance to accumulate substantial Credits. While elevating the game’s difficulty boosts experience and Gloss, it does not affect Credit earnings. Therefore, considering lower difficulties may expedite mission completion for efficient Credit gathering. Marvel Midnight Suns Release Date. 
  • S.H.I.E.L.D Exchange: – Once the War Room has been enhanced, access to the S.H.I.E.L.D. Exchange menu becomes available, allowing the purchase and sale of specific items. Through this menu, surplus resources such as essences can be traded for additional Credits. It’s important to note that only one item can be sold per day, yet the stock of the S.H.I.E.L.D. Exchange refreshes daily. Therefore, it’s advisable to revisit the menu each day before embarking on a mission to exchange items for Credits.
  • Arcane Chest: – The diverse Arcane Chests scattered throughout the Abbey offer a convenient means to swiftly acquire additional Credits. These chests require Arcane Keys for unlocking, obtainable within the Abbey through assisting heroes or engaging in various activities. Typically, Arcane Chests of greater rarity yield a higher quantity of Credits, making them preferable targets when low on Keys. These chests regenerate periodically, with those of higher rarity taking slightly longer to respawn compared to lower rarity counterparts. Marvel Midnight Suns Release Date. 
  • Hero Requests: – Each day, certain heroes within the Abbey may seek guidance or require assistance with particular tasks. Occasionally, fulfilling these requests may result in receiving Credits as a reward. It’s essential to remain vigilant for such opportunities to aid heroes as part of your daily routine within the Abbey.

Following a Hangout’s conclusion, you’re provided with the choice to present the hero with a Gift. Similar to selecting a Hangout, each hero possesses preferences for Gifts they adore, appreciate, or disdain, so it’s crucial to make your decision thoughtfully. Offering a favorable Gift will provide an extra bonus of Friendship XP.

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