Becoming Karl Lagerfeld

Do you know? So in June Hulu has unveiled the trailer for ‘Becoming Karl Lagerfeld,’ a French TV series exploring the early years of the iconic fashion designer Karl Lagerfeld. Starring Daniel Brühl, this Tv show is set to premiere on 7th of June , 2024, offering a glimpse into Lagerfeld’s journey to fashion stardom. Let’s discuss about Becoming Karl Lagerfeld release date.

Becoming Karl Lagerfeld OTT release date – Watch the intriguing drama series on the life of the renowned Parisian couturier on THIS platform

Becoming Karl Lagerfeld Trailer

So, the trailer for ‘Becoming Karl Lagerfeld’ introduces viewers to the fashion icon’s life in 1970s Paris, showcasing his rivalry with Pierre Bergé, the co-founder of Yves Saint Laurent. Set in 1972, the series portrays Lagerfeld’s pursuit of his dreams, leading to his eventual success as one of the most renowned fashion designers in history. Lagerfeld’s career included head designer roles at Chanel and Fendi, solidifying his status in the fashion world.

Becoming Karl Lagerfeld Releasing Date

Becoming Karl Lagerfeld/First episode date is on 7 June 2024

Where can I watch Becoming Karl Lagerfeld?

You can check Becoming Karl Lagerfeld at Hulu, Disney+, and ESPN+, all with ads, for $14.99/mo. Get Hulu, Disney+, and ESPN+, all with ads, for $14.99/mo.
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