better call saul season 6

The best AMC drama airing on TV now is Better Call Saul Season 6. After the thrilling 5th season the last season will be on air on 18th April 2022. As the new trailer has been launched we can feel that this is going to be a powerful finale.

Better Call Saul Season 6

5th season ended with Kim and Jimmy, where they were on the edge of something unjustifiable. Kim proposed a tricky plan to sabotage the name of their previous boss, Howard Hamlin, to achieve a big payoff. Many dangerous factors are waiting in season 6 as Lalo Salamanca is a criminal on the loose. Nacho tried his best to degrade him, but he failed.

So far only this much information we have got about Better Call Saul Season 6.

Better Call Saul Trailer Season 6

In the latest trailer of Better Call Saul’s final season, everything seems to be in danger. The official trailer was launched on 10th March, where Jimmy and Kim were discussing their latest plan. In this trailer some old footage has been seen like – breaking bad days, where Saul was driving his white Cadillac DeVille, his offices’ inflated Statue of Liberty, and the Crossroads Motel.

Better Call Saul Season Poster 6

As soon as the trailer of Better Call Saul Season 6’s trailer was out, a brand new poster was also launched. The banner had a picture of Jimmy having a mustache in black and white, and holding a red jacket. From the poster, we can assume that Jimmy is in his Gene Takovic era.

Premiere Date for Better Call Saul upcoming Season

The premiere of Better Call Saul Season 6 will be on Monday 18th April 2022, either at 8 or 9 pm only on AMC and AMC+. There will be two episodes back to back to have an impactful start of the final season.

Usually, all the previous 5 seasons had 10 episodes, whereas this season has 13 episodes. The final season is divided into two halves – the first with seven episodes and the second with six episodes. The mid-season break will not be too long, as, after the first half, the second half of the season will release on 11th July 2022.


As soon as the premieres date of Better Call Saul Season 6 was revealed, with that came out a black and white teaser of Jimmy. In the teaser, Jimmy was in disguise of Gene who was taking down a circular that offers an immense prize for information that could cause his surrender.

Before the premiere date was confirmed, AMC gave few indications about the final season through a few teasers. The first teaser was about the Salamanca cousins who were wandering up to a dynamic crime scene, and the second teaser was about Gus reading his mail.

better call saul season 6

The cast of Better Call Saul Season 6

Jimmy McGill’s character will be played by none other than Bob Odenkirk, who is done with his transformation as Saul Goodman. To join Jimmy, there will be Kim played by Rhea Seehorn, and Giancarlo Esposito aka Gus. The other characters are – Howard will be played by Patrick Fabian, Nacho will be played by Michael Mando, Lalo will be played by Tony Dalton, and Mike Ehrmantraut will be played by Jonathan Banks.

From the previous seasons, the character that will not return is Chuck, Jimmy’s old brother. Michael McKean played Chuck’s role. Chuck was last seen in the third season, and after that, he died. In this season few flashbacks of Chuck will be seen.

Spoilers of this season is also been revealed, but it is better not to disclose them. After season 5 we all were eagerly waiting for another season, and our wait ends here. So be ready to enjoy the finale of Better Call Saul.