Benefits Of Dates

Although we know dates and milk are two different substances. Both when consumed separately have numerous benefits. But when consumed together, they act more beneficial to our system, especially during the night. Since the nutritional efficiency of dates increases when combined with milk. But your digestive system should be taken into consideration. Adding to this, it boosts our energy and stamina levels as it contains Balya properties. So, today we will be knowing the benefits of having dates with milk at night.

Benefits Of Dates With Milk

  •  Treats Anaemia: Anaemia refers to a condition where there is a deficiency of red blood cells in the body. Also known as haemoglobin. And this usually occurs in women. You can overcome this by consuming iron-rich food. Hence, dates with milk are the best supplement. Since we all know dates are rich in iron. When consumed with milk, it will increase the count of red blood cells in the body. As a result, the problem of anaemia gets cured.
  • Pregnancy time: A woman’s body changes during the time of pregnancy. Stress is the key main factor that affects mothers both physically and mentally. So, consuming dates will improve the health condition of the mother.
Benefits Of Dates

As well as it plays a major role in the fetus’s development in the following manner. When consumed with milk it increases the levels of oxytocin in the body. Thereby increasing the level of sensitivity of the uterus at the time of delivery. Adding to this, the plenty of amino acids, proteins, and other fibers found in dates also play a major part in the process of making the unborn child.

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  •  Skin benefits: Dates and skin benefits go parallelly. Dates being rich in antioxidants act as a supplement for anti-aging properties. Thereby the process of aging can be slowed down by consuming dates with milk. It gives you a glowing, refreshing look on your face. Reduces the bumps and uneven breakouts as well. And finally boosts your face with a red plump look.
  •  Increases fertility chances: Living in this era, where stress is the reason for every other new disease. And for fertility as well. Stress is the major cause of lower fertility chances. And this is common in both men and women. And one of the solutions to increase fertility chances is by consuming milk with dates. Antioxidants present in dates reduce the oxidative effects on oogenesis and the embryonic microenvironment. These little micro staples are effective in modulating female estrogen as well. Furtherly, when we go back to Ayurvedic medicine, dates are used as a medicine in treating fertility issues in women.
  •  Increasing muscle strength: Both dates and milk are rich in protein content. So, consuming milk with dates increases muscle strength and bone density. And overall, it improves muscle health. And this is usually preferred during workouts and exercises.
  •  Restores energy: We people usually don’t want to consume anything heavy in our morning ritual activity. As a result, our body drains out. Making us weak and tired. Therefore, consuming dates with milk stimulates our energy levels. Pushes our body to perform activities at a high pitch. Provides our body with all the rich nutrients and other antioxidants. Furtherly, dates contain glucose and fructose which provides stamina for the body. So, one should intake dates along with milk to function properly throughout the day.
  •  Improves digestion: Dates contain high fiber levels and other antioxidants which in turn regulate the gastrointestinal tracts. Thereby it provides easy bowel movements and improves digestion. People of all ages can have a combination. Even for people belonging to the age group of 60-70 who are suffering from constipation.
  • Improves brain health: This might be shocking, but dates play a vital role in improving the brain health of an individual. As this combination has a high component of vitamin B6 which boosts the memory power of the individual. This drink should be preferred by children where it should be given on an empty stomach to children which will increase their super memory power.
  • Joint pains: With age, joint pains are common. It is more common among elderly people. So, consuming milk with dates that are rich in calcium gives you relief from joint pain. It improves your bone density, thereby improving bone health. Adding to this women should be given priority in this case, as their bones start to shed after 30.

Therefore, to conclude it can be said that consuming dates with milk has numerous benefits attached to it. Right from reducing weight to keeping allergies away. Since both dates and milk are rich in multiple sources of nutrients and vitamins.

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