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Pregnancy is a very crucial time everything you eat and consume is supposed to be healthy. Choosing what to consume and what to avoid requires too much attention. During the time of pregnancy everything is related to keeping yourself and the developing little one healthy and happy. Body requires abundant of vitamins, minerals and nutrition during pregnancy. Dry fruits are one such super food which can help you get essential vitamins, minerals and nutrients which are required during pregnancy. 

Eating dry fruits during your pregnancy help you stay healthy and nuts are a source of abundant minerals and vitamins which help in the growth of baby. However when consuming fry fruits during pregnancy they are to be taken in prescribed quantity because dry fruits are high in calories specially the sugar coated ones. Also if consumed too much dry fruits they can lead to certain complications. So you are advised to eat dry fruits during pregnancy but in moderate and prescribed quantities.

Benefits of dry fruits during pregnancy

Dry fruits during pregnancy

Dry fruits, if we call them super foods it won’t be wrong. Dry fruits and nuts are store house of crucial vitamins, minerals, fibre, zinc, magnesium, potassium and amino acids. These nutrients make it compulsory to eat dry fruits during pregnancy. Dry fruits are a very rich source of antioxidants. Not only are they tasty in eating but they can satiate cravings and still be a healthy snack.

  • Dry fruits are rich in dietary fibre and therefore help in maintaining digestive system and avoid constipation. Dietary fibre rich foods are really beneficial for pregnant ladies.
  •  Dry fruits contain iron and minerals which can help fulfil requirements of iron during pregnancy. Dates and figs are good in taste as well as rich in iron contents.
  • Dry fruits and nuts help in vitamin A intake which helps in bone health of pregnant lady and developing baby.
  • Potassium and magnesium contents in dry fruits help controlling blood pressure, heart health and nerve development in baby.
  • The natural sugar contents in dry fruits satisfy cravings and uplifts mood also it is also a great source of energy.
  • Dry fruits contain Vitamin E which helps in lungs and cells development in developing little baby. It also helps in staying safe from asthma and lungs problem in pregnant lady.
  • Dry fruits are crunchy and tasty and contain vitamins like B1-B9, K, E, C, and H. This helps in controlling hormonal changes during pregnancy. 

Are there Side Effects of eating dry fruits during pregnancy?

Dry fruits are rich in numerous of vitamins, minerals and other nutrients but the question arises are they safe to consume during pregnancy? Is there any side effect of eating dry fruits during pregnancy? To answer this it is to be brought in light that no doubt dry fruits are store house of nutrients but they are to be consumed in moderate quantities. If dry fruits are consumed in excess by pregnant lady or even anybody they can cause some various health issues and complications.

Quantity of dry fruits to be consumed everyday

Dry fruits are actually dried or dehydrated fruits. Fresh fruits are taken and dehydrated in sunlight or using artificial machines and methods. Dry fruits contain concentrated sugar and are high in calories. So it is advised not to consume too much of dry fruits just because of cravings or taste as it can lead to health complications during this time. Eating not more than total 100 grams of dry fruits during pregnancy in a day is advisable. So you can consume an ounce of your favourite nuts and dry fruits including almonds, raisins, cashews, dates, figs and walnuts. But make sure you are consuming moderate amount of dry fruits and not excess than the prescribed in a day.

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