Benefits of Bhujangasana

If you are one of those who want to practice yoga, then you must know about the Benefits of Bhujangasana. Bhujangasana is one of the best and most beneficial yoga poses for your body. It strengthens you physically, mentally, and spiritually. By practicing this yoga you can have a flexible, toned, and fit body and with the mind also. You must know about bhujangasana before starting to practice them.  

What is Bhujangasana Yoga pose?

Bhujanagasana is a word that is derived from Sanskrit words ‘bhujanga’ which means cobra and ‘asana’ which means posture. That’s why it is also named ‘Cobra Pose.’ When this posture is practiced you have to raise your head and body like a cobra. That’s why it is called the cobra pose. 

Bhujangasana is one of the best exercises for toning up the abdomen and reducing belly fat. It does not only give physical benefits, but it also provides mental and spiritual benefits. This yoga is considered the most powerful asana. 

Benefits of Bhujangasana

Techniques to do Bhujangasana

  • The very first step is to lie down on your stomach.
  • Then raise your head and trunk by supporting palms.
  • When you raise the trunk, inhale deeply.
  • Bend your arms at the elbows.
  • Then arch your neck and look upward.
  • Your stomach should be pressed on the floor.
  • Then put pressure on your toes by pressing them on the floor.
  • Extend them out as much as possible.
  • Then hold the asana for five minutes.
  • Then gently drop your chest on the floor. Turn your head to one side and then rest your arms.

Things to avoid

While practicing yoga you should consider the following steps:

  • The persons who are having back problems or spine should avoid this asana.
  • Spondylitis having patients must not practice this asana as this can create a problem for them.
  • Those who have breathing issues must not try this asana.
  • Pregnant women should avoid this asana as this posture puts a lot of pressure on the lower abdomen.

Benefits of Bhujangasana

It helps to stretch and tone up your abs.  This yoga is beneficial for many reasons which are as follows:

  • The most important benefit is keeping your back healthy and strong.
  • It helps in digestion easily. It is beneficial for your liver as well as kidneys.
  • It is helpful for the reproductive system.
  • It reduces belly fat.
  • It helps to strengthen the spine.
  • It helps relieve stress and fatigue.
  • Women facing irregular menstrual cycles can be benefited from this asana.
  • Blood circulation will be improved.

Precautions while practicing Bhujangasana

Practicing any asana is only beneficial when you do it with the right technique and posture. So you must practice this asana keeping in mind the following points:

  1. When you start doing this asana, keep your palm under your shoulder correctly. Your palms should not be too far from your body.
  2. Elbows must be bent and pulled close to the body. If you try to straighten your body toward your ears then it can jam your shoulders.
  3. In this pose, you have to arch your neck back carefully. You should not throw up your head backward. You should keep your gaze directly ahead or diagonally downward.
  4. You should not lift too much of your spinal arc. It can cause back strain.
  5. You should keep your stomach down by not lifting your pelvis. You must use back muscles to lift instead of your arms or legs.


You can do this asana by following the above tips. This Benefit of Bhujangasana will improve both your physical and mental health. Keep in mind while practicing asana do it with proper technique and method to avoid any type of injury. Hope this will help you to keep fit and sound your body.