wonder woman 1984 cast
Wonder Woman 1984 Release date

Wonder Woman 1984 Release date:- The DC Universe will release its best movies in the upcoming year. Wonder Woman (2017) was one of the best DC universe movie. DC fans are curious about its second part of this movie because its first part already gained popularity among DC fans. If you are excited about wonder woman 2 movie, then this article is for you. In this post, I am going to share the full details about wonder woman 2 release date, cast, trailer etc.

Wonder Woman 1984 Release date

Wonder Woman 1984 Release date

Wonder Woman 1984 or part 2 is one of the best upcoming superhero DC Movies that you are waiting for Eagerly. The release date for wonder woman 1984 (or Wonder Woman 2) was first scheduled to 5 June 2020. The release date for this movie changes due to Coronavirus Pandemic, and now it will be released on the month of August 14, 2020.

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Wonder woman 2 Cast

Wonder Woman 1984 Release date

The film is directed by Patty Jenkins by the script written by Geoff Johns and David Callaham. The main casts of this movie are Gal Gadot as Diana Prince/Wonder Woman, alongside Kristen Wiig, Chris Pine, Robin Wright, and Connie Nielsen act as a supporting role.

Wonder Woman 2 Trailor

Wonder Woman 2 Plot

This movie should be the next iteration part of Wonder Woman but not a sequel. According to the writer, it is completely a different time frame movie. Here you will get the sense of what Diana Wonder women had been doing in the intervening year. He also added that it’s a completely different story. Even though it will have a lot of the same humor, emotional things, a lot of brave action. Watch all Tv show here at Justinder

Wonder Woman was one of the most popular and successful films. That DC has put out in a very long time and the sequel is looking to be just the same. But with the teaser trailer came a ton of questions about the movie. The big one being how to Steve Trevor who died in the last wonder woman movie come back for this film.

A lot of people are wondering who exactly is Kristin wiggs character and who exactly is the villain of this film. Well, luckily we know the answer to most of these questions. Thanks to director Patty Jenkins actress Gallagher, who of course plays Wonder Woman and actress Kristen Wiig, who plays cheetah. So Kristin wiggs character that you see in the teaser trailer for Wonder Woman 1984 is Barbara Minerva, and in the trailer, it does seem like the two of them become pretty good friends they hit it off pretty well but she’s actually a classic Wonder Woman villain Cheetah. Now although she is a classic Wonder Woman villain from the comics. She’s actually not going to be the main villain of Wonder Woman 1984.

Wonder Woman 1984 Spoiler

Max, Lord, played by Pedro pesco, going to be the true villain of Wonder Woman 1984 and he’s also going to be responsible for a cheetah and we’ll talk about that because we have a plot leak today. Now this plot leak actually came out before the teaser trailer came out but then the teaser trailer came out and it actually lined up with a lot of what happened. So this totally actually seems very legitimate.

It is very very detailed and it lines up with everything that we saw in the teaser trailer, so of course with any plot league take it with a grain of salt, but just in case it ends up being true spoiler alert, as I mentioned, it does sound very legitimate so if you do not want any spoilers for Wonder Woman 1984 you should click away now.


Wonder Woman 1984 kicks off in the mascara, as a young Diana Prince competes in a giant obstacle course of sorts, against much older Amazon’s. Now we actually ended up seeing this in the trailer, we see a young Diana running next to a bunch of adult Amazonian woman, and then another scene does show us some sort of an obstacle course, almost looks like their own Olympic Games, so this part of the leak has already been confirmed to be true just by the trailer being released, but the leak goes on to say, after making her way across those columns Diana leaps into the ocean below and then gets onto a horse after washing the shore, with a decent lead the Amazon gets distracted is knocked off her horse and ends up cheating to acclaim for his place.

So this looks like it could be what truly happens in Wonder Woman 1984, if this ends up being so what do you think about this, will you be happy with a Wonder Woman 1984 playing out this way it does sound like she’s going to have some pretty intense fights with Cheetah which is what I want