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Top Benefits of tomato for skin complexion

So, today we dicuss about some Benefits of tomato for skin. Tomato is a rich source of antioxidants and Vitamin C along with high contents of really healthy nutrients such as potassium, magnesium, lycopene and Vitamin A etc. Tomatoes are really healthy for our body; they can boost and strengthen our immune system. But do you think tomatoes are equally healthy if we apply them on our skin. Well the answer is yes, tomatoes are storehouse of antioxidants and rich in vitamin A and C hence it is really effective for skin.

There is a very long list of benefits of tomato for skin as it can work wonders in treating dull, damaged and tanned skin. It can treat skin problems occurred due to sun damage and works magically in correcting ageing related skin issues. Here are some of the amazing benefits of tomato for skin complexion.

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What are the benefits of tomato for skin complexion?

In nature tomatoes are slightly acidic and a rich source of beta carotene. Tomatoes offer a bunch of skin benefits and can treat various skin concerns. 

Helps in reducing pores – If you apply tomato on your face regularly, it can reduce problem of open and enlarged pores. It also helps in treating pesky whiteheads which arises due to open and clogged pores. Just slide a tomato and directly rub it onto your face or you can apply its juice and let it sit for good 15-20 minutes.

Helps in skin brightening – Tomatoes contains Vitamin A, B and C. this helps in boosting collagen production. Also tomato contains astringent properties. Applied alone or mixed with fullers earth tomato helps in skin lightening and brightening.

Magically detans skin – Tomatoes are magical when it comes to removing sun tan. It also helps in soothing inflammated and irritated skin due to sun exposure. Applying tomato juice or mixing tomato pulp with Aloe Vera gel and applying to sun exposed area may heal irritated skin and reduce sun tanning magically.

Rich source of antioxidants and Vitamin C

Natural Skin toner – Tomatoes are natural skin toner as they contain rich sources of vitamin and natural lycopene this can make skin supple and soft. Tomato gives subtle and healthy glow to skin and rejuvenate skin cells. Tomato skin toner can be prepared at home and applied to skin to make it youthful and soft.

Great exfoliating properties – Tomatoes are very helpful in exfoliating skin and can be used as a natural homemade scrub which can make skin clean and nourished naturally. Tomato juice mixed with sugar and instant coffee powder can be used as scrub to exfoliate skin.

Can reduce oiliness – Tomato can help in reducing skin oiliness and make it cleaner and brighter. Tomato juice can be applied all over the face and leave for 10-12 minutes and rinse off with cold water. It can reduce excessive oiliness from the face and give beautiful glowing skin.

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Moisturises irritated and dry skin – Tomato is rich in vitamin E, potassium and other nutrients which can treat dry and flaky skin. Tomato can heal irritated skin and help in reducing itchiness, rashes, cracking and damaged skin. It will help by providing natural moisture and nourishment.

Tomato Help in treating dullness

Yes, Tomato can work wonders on dull skin. It can treat any type of dullness of skin by boosting collagen production and with natural toning properties. It can improve elasticity in skin and make youthful. Tomato juice mixed with curd or yogurt can be applied on face and leave for at least 15 minutes and wash with lukewarm water. Additionally, This can rejuvenate skin and remove all the dullness from skin.

These are some of the wonderful benefits of tomato for skin complexion. There are multiple skin benefits provided by tomatoes. Tomato not only enhances taste of your food but also enhances skin beauty magically. 

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