Homemade tips for glowing skin in winter

Homemade tips for glowing skin in winter

Learn some benefits of Homemade tips for glowing skin in winter. Winters are slowly arriving and as much as we enjoy winters our skin suffer due to it. Winters are actually harsh for skin; it tends to get dry, dull and flaky. This problem becomes worse with the people who have dry and sensitive skin. Glowing skin is the sign of healthy skin and everyone like dewy and nourished skin. Here are some homemade tips for glowing skin in winter, so you can enjoy the weather and your skin doesn’t suffer.

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It is a said what you eat reflects on your skin but it won’t be wrong if we say what you apply also reflects on your skin. To have healthy, glowing and nourished skin is desire of everyone not only just girls. It is not a complex task to have glowing skin and maintain that beautiful dewy glow if you follow some simple tips which are homemade and super easy.

  1. Turmeric – Turmeric is a magical ingredient, not only does it have anti-inflammatory and anti-antioxidant properties but also have many health benefits. Turmeric is one ingredient which is easily available in almost every kitchen. Turmeric helps in getting glowing skin like magic. It helps in preventing free radical damage, effects of sun, pollution and also kills acne causing bacteria. 

How to use – 

  • Mix 1/4 – 1/2 teaspoon of turmeric powder with chickpea flour (gram flour).
  • Add some curd or raw milk to make a paste. Now apply this paste on your face and neck.
  • Leave this paste on till it dries and then gently remove the mask by rubbing with wet fingers. Don’t be too harsh while removing the mask.
  • Finally rinse with cold water and apply a mild moisturiser.
  1. Honey – Honey is our favourite ingredient when it comes to healthy sweetener but do you know it can give you healthy natural glow in harsh and chilly winters. Honey contains magical soothing properties and it helps in prevent wrinkles, dullness and moisturises the skin naturally.

How to use – 

  • You can apply honey directly on your cleaned face and neck.
  • Squeeze half lemon into a bowl and add 1 tablespoon honey to it. Mix the two together and apply on clean face and neck.
  • Wash your face after 20 minutes with lukewarm water and apply mild moisturiser to lock the nourishment.
Almond oil
  1. Almond oil – Once you start applying almond oil on your skin there is no turning back. Almond oil can do wonders on skin by making it nourished, healthy and glowing. Almond oil has amazing healing and moisturising properties which can help in uplifting dull and dry skin and also helps in enhancing complexion.

How to use – 

  • You can apply 4-5 drops of almond oil on cleaned face before sleeping and leave it on overnight. 
  • Almond oil can also be applied on arms and feet to restore lost moisture and glow due to harsh cold weather.
  • Almond oil can be used on lips as well to moisturise dry chapped lips and make them soft and pink.
Olive oil and Coconut oil
  1. Olive oil and Coconut oil – Both these have tremendous nourishing properties. Olive oil contains flavonoids and polyphenols which helps in treating damage due to free radicals and make skin healthy and glowy. Coconut oil contains essential fatty acids and nutrients which helps in treating damaged skin and nourish which ultimately results in glowing skin.

How to use – 

  • You can mix equal proportions of olive oil and coconut oil and store in a container. 
  • Before sleeping apply the oil on face neck and body gently and massage for few minutes.
  • You can also apply any one out of these two oils, It will also result in nourished and glowing skin of face and body.
Raw milk and Aloevera gel
  1. Raw milk and Aloevera gel – Raw milk is a boon for dry and irritated skin. Also aloevera gel is a wonderful gift of nature for skin. These ingredients help in rejuvenate and moisturise skin and helps in getting healthy glowing skin.

How to use – 

  • Apply raw milk on face with help of cotton ball and massage gently for 2-3 minutes. Then leave it on for 6-8 minutes. 
  • Rinse your face with fresh water and then apply generous amount of aloe vera gel and massage in circular motion.
  • After 20 minutes either rinse off or leave the aloevera gel as you prefer.

These are few homemade tips for glowing skin in winters. These tips are super easy and all ingredients are easily available at home. This winter season let your skin glow like sunshine.