Reasons for Lumps behind the Ear

Hard Immovable Lump Behind Ear


There are many possible reasons, including issues in bone or the skin that can cause a Hard Immovable Lump Behind Ear. Enlarged lymph nodes, infections, and assured cancers can also cause lumps. Most of the time lumps behind the ear is not a matter to worry about as it can be resolved without treatment. The three main non-cancerous reasons for lumps behind the ear are – acne, skin cysts, and lipomas.

Hard Immovable Lump Behind Ear


Acne is a regular skin condition that might be the source of a Hard Immovable Lump Behind Ear. Pores of the skin become blocked with sebum in acne. Sebum is an oily thing that is secreted by units, that forms the base of hair follicles. Combining with the dead skin cell the sebum can create a layer called comedones. If any harmful bacteria enter the ‘comedones’ then a pimple might become infected and swollen. Swollen pimples can grow and can take their most severe form in the shape of lumps which are known as acne cysts. If the lump is formed due to acne, then it may be painful when it is pressed. Other cysts and pimples on the head are possible to go along with pimples or cysts behind the ear, particularly on the face. Cystic acne is a repulsive condition that can cause scars. Cystic acne is curable with the consultation of a dermatologist and with proper medication. Sometimes it’s a big reason of problem Hard Immovable Lump Behind Ear.

Skin cysts

A cyst can take place anywhere in the skin, behind the ear. Cysts occurring in the skin are filled with fluids. They form an elevated, dome-shaped area on the surface of the skin. Sometimes these cysts have a black spot at the top, called punctum. Skin cysts can move around liberally and are not rigid in one place. A doctor must examine a hard immovable lump behind ear or in any place of the skin. Check tan Removal home remedies.

Identifying lumps behind the ears

Cysts in the scalp form the base of skin cysts, where the lining of the sac is made of hair root cells. Sometimes cysts can also occur on the glands called sebaceous cysts due to oily substance that moisturizes the skin and hair. Few cysts are called epidermoid cysts made of cells on the surface of the skin.


Lipoma is another possible reason that can cause hard immovable lumps behind the ear. Lipomas are non-toxic, fatty lumps. They are non-cancerous, take time to grow, and do not spread. They are more frequent on other parts of the body but can take place anywhere under the skin, as well as behind the ear. If you touch a lipoma it feels soft. They are not generally tender or painful if they do not push any nearby nerves. Lipoma usually does not take many places to grow, but in exceptional cases, people have many lipomas at once. Lipomas can vary in size from the size of a pea to inches. Cosmetic surgeons can eradicate unpleasant lipomas, but it is advisable to choose surgery only if it is necessary. Cysts and lipomas are almost similar. A lipoma goes deeper into the skin than a cyst, and also it feels softer than a cyst.

Is this Necessary to See a Doctor?

If the lump is causing pain, redness, or tenderness, then you must visit a doctor. Consulting a doctor to observe a lump is safer than trying to make a self-diagnosis. It is necessary to consult with a doctor when you see the following symptoms-

  • Your lump is causing pain. It is red, tender, or has a discharge.
  • The lump is immovable or feels attached.
  • The size of the lump is changing.
  • Its appearance is sudden.
  • It comes along with more regular symptoms.

Causes of Lumps Behind the Ears

Lumps under the skin are generally non-cancerous, but it is always better to consult with a doctor to figure out whether the lumps are potentially cancerous or not. If the lump feels like to be a tumor, then a diagnosis is a must for the best chances of better treatment. If a lump under the skin is proving to be cancerous, it is possible to be a soft tissue sarcoma.

Now, as you know, all the causes of lumps are formation and size. Whenever you feel like your lump is not normal, immediately visit a doctor.