Ariana Grande Biography


Do you know Hollywood is known for two things? The first is their movie creation and the second is music. Movies and music have always been an awesome combination. Be it from our past generation to us, we all have been very evident of this. Coming to the point of music, numerous singers have set an example of success by following their passion. One such is Ariana Grande Biography. Despite belonging to a well-grounded family, she had her struggle, her ups, and downs which made her, a rising star today.

Ariana Grande Biography

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Apart from singing she also hails multiple talents like acting and dubbing. No doubt how supremely talented she is. Over time, she has evolved her skills and work which made her win several awards. At present, she is one of the top noted artists of Hollywood. So, let’s dive in to know more about her work and life.

Ariana Grande Biography Age, songs

Early Years

The rockstar was born on June 23, 1993, in Florida to John Grande and their mother Edward Butera. Her father John Grande is the CEO of Hose McCann communications which manufactures safety communication equipment. Coming to her mother she owns a graphic designing firm. But unfortunately, her parents got separated when she was 9. And it was from that time, she got extremely close to her maternal grandmother.

From an early age, she was determined to achieve heights of success. This is exactly what prompted her to join the singing and acting industry. She got her breakthrough in the year 2008 when she bagged the role of Charlotte in the Broadway production of 13.

The pop lady has set an example for many. Also, Grande has won over 95 awards as of 2020. She is of Italian descent and her parents chose her name by being inspired by Princess Oriana. It is said that her mother, Joan, has played an inherent role in Ariana’s success. Grande is a vegan that means she doesn’t eat or use animal products. She declared her being a vegan through a tweet.

Television Roles

  1. Grande won a million hearts through her performance in the Nickelodeon series namely, “Victorious”. The series was set at a performing arts high school where she was cast as an aspiring singer-actress. The series was globally recognized and bagged awards at various locations.
  1. After the successful wrapping up of Victorious, she appeared on Sam and Cat. The show was expected to have 20 episodes. However, tables turned and it had 35 episodes.
  1. Grande made her benevolent guest appearance on Scream Queens. It is said that she signed a contract for only one episode. But, the amount of love received from her fans initiated her to have reoccurring roles.
  1. Apart from being an extraordinary singer, she is also known for her excellent acting skills which one can witness from her movies and other television roles. The battery-down musical comedy series is one of her top ten performances. It was the first-ever performance outside Broadway. She appears in the second episode of the 2nd season titled “Bad Bad news.”Ariana Grande Biography
  1. Following this, she got also featured in Zoolander which was released in 2016. It was an action-comedy genre movie. Though her screen time was too short that is only 10 seconds. But it gained her a lot of popularity and stardom too.
  1. Adding to this, she even gave her voice to many animated films as well. This includes “family guy” which started to telecast in 2001.

Album Songs

  1. Her debut album, “Yours truly” was highly complimented for recreating the old 90’s vibe.  The follow-up “My Everything” is considered to be a turning point from her debut performance. Following this, there are several other releases like “side by side”, “be alright”, “Next”, and so on.
  1.  Adding to this, one of her albums is “The way” which was released in 2013. She gained more fandom after the release of “Sweetener.” It gave her a new level of popularity y. Not only this, she even holds all the top three spots which are merely impossible for an artist. But she did that following to “The Beatles.”
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